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Fine Hair:


Fine hair requires a good volumizing shampoo and light conditioner. Be careful to choose a shampoo and conditioner that will not build up on the hair. If you use heat and thermal setting implements on your hair, you may wants to use a deep conditioner once a week.

Styling aids which are suitable for fine hair: Mousse, root lifting foam, a light spray gel, finishing spritz or hairspray.

Highlighting or tinting hair will produce a “thickening” effect. Also, multi-step perm may add needed body or curl.

Naturally Curly Dry Hair:


The first step to controlling this type of hair is a hydrating shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. In extreme cases, a leave-in spray conditioner is applied after hair is towel dried. There are several “straightening” products that further hydrate the hair. These are used in a similar fashion to mousse or gel in that they are applied to wet hair and pulled through. These serums can be used before blow drying the hair or can be applied to the hair followed by a gel to scrunch the curls dry.

Oily Hair:


Women who experience over active sebaceous glands need to use a strong cleansing shampoo. These are commonly known as stripping shampoos – many are used after swimming to remove chlorine. Conditioners can make the hair seem oily; if tangles are a problem, a light leave-in spray conditioner may be used effectively.

Is It Dandruff?


Many people who think they have dandruff are actually suffering from a dry scalp. We see many people using a dandruff shampoo who are still experiencing flakes in their hair (and on their shoulders!). Many stylists will be able to discern the correct problem and “prescribe” an appropriate cleansing system.

Multiple Hair Types:


There is a segment of the population who have multiple hair types on their heads. For example, we have several clients whose hair is very curly and nappy at the nape, while the remaining hair is just slightly curly. Sometimes the use of an additional product on the problem areas will blend the hair.
Remember: A good cut is always the place to start!

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