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Our precious girl was helped today by Jack. He helped restore her happiness and confidence.

We took our friend to get a wig before chemo treatments began. They were so compassionate and caring and have great information too. Great place!

-Kay S

Co Workers
Child Wig Helped

I have been wearing my wig for about nine months now. It is still as natural looking and comfortable as when I purchased it. Jack and Zac are very professional and caring, they know just what you need during your difficult time. I am forgetting to worry and think about my hair, what a relief! I would highly recommend Studio 409. They have the gift of helping others in a very special way.



My name is Teresa Todd and I was diagnosed with breast cancer through Katzmann Breast Center in Clive in December of 2016. It was there that I learned of the infamous Jack Morlan and his son Zac and 409 Wig and Hair Salon in West Des Moines. My head was spinning with all the information that I was given that day and to be honest losing my hair and getting a wig was not at the top of my concerns. But I took the information and after getting several other tests and surgeries scheduled I could focus on my hair. We set up an appointment with Jack and am I grateful for getting this day fit into the schedule after having to cancel once due to a conflict with another appointment. Jack was incredible! He makes one feel as ease and is very easy to talk to. Jack gives all kinds of tips to care for your hair and scalp for cancer patients. We chose a wig and Jack said a wonderful prayer at the end

of our visit. After my first chemo treatment we set up an appointment to get my hair cut short before it all fell out which was awesome. Not one tear was shed getting my hair cut off! Next was an appointment to fit my wig. All appointments were incredible. Such a positive experience. While I have not met Zac I am sure he too is wonderful as the Apple does not fall far from the tree. I strongly recommend calling them for an appointment if you are dealing with hair loss or cancer!

-Teresa Todd


“The Katzmann Breast Center is directly involved working with Jack Morlan and his business. We have known Jack since the inception of the breast center in 2000. His reputation within the community is well known and he exemplifies a conscientious work ethic. We refer out patients to him in a time of crisis in their lives and he embraces them with kindness and concern to allow them to continue their productive lives despite the diagnosis. He provides wigs and skin and facial products to allow them to feel good about themselves when they are evolving through cancer treatment. This is done in a private and calming environment. We refer out patients to Jack knowing the competence and thoroughness he provides at the appointments. He never turns anyone away from his business. He participates in our annual Breast Cancer Symposium as well as the Komen Race for the Cure and gives freely of his time and talent to community events. He is a true asset to the community and his profession.


-Susan Beck, F.A.C.O.S. Medical Director at Katzmann Breast Center

“Jack – I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all the great service you have provided my patients over the last 15 years. As a surgical oncologist talking care of cancer patients with life threatening problems, the last thing my patients need is low self esteem as they undergo surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Your hands-on, caring manner you have provided my patients with your wigs gives them an entirely new self-perception and allows them to see the light at the “end of the treatment tunnel”. Thanks again for providing such a valuable service to my patients- it will always be appreciated.”


-Kendall Reed   DO, FACOS, FACS Dean & Professor of Surgery College of Osteopathic Medicine Des Moines University

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