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Jack Morlan


Jack has dedicated almost 50 years to serving the community as a hair designer. His true passion is supporting those undergoing hair loss, and for over 35 years, he has focused on providing hair services to cancer patients. Jack understands the emotional and physical toll cancer takes on individuals and offers personalized solutions to help them cope. He goes beyond traditional hairstyling by offering customized wig fittings and providing care tips. Jack creates a nurturing environment, actively listening to his clients and making every appointment an empowering experience. His commitment and understanding have made him a beloved figure in his profession, positively impacting countless lives.

Jack's involvement in various committees and boards, like the Iowa Board of Cosmetology, showcases his commitment to professional development and ensuring industry standards are met. Additionally, his contributions to the cancer community demonstrate his valuable expertise and dedication to supporting those affected by the disease. Through his service and provision of crucial information about the cancer process, Jack is making a significant impact in this field.

Jack has recently reduced his workload at the salon, now devoting a modest fraction of his time, consisting of only three days per week, to his vocational pursuits.


Jack Morlan

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